Though not a Muslim or Mswahili, i was born and raised in a city where the majority of people are.

For most of us, the must have dress is the little black dress but for the Waswahili/Muslim women it’s the buibui.

Their style is cool and also demure and when we were on this shoot we had to do it justice.

Also known as the Abaya, is a common attire among Muslim ladies across the globe.


An elegant item of clothing worn by Muslim women, consisting of a long black dress and a piece of black cloth known as the hijab that covers the head showing only the face or eyes

Due to fashion evolution, the buibui and the hijab have evolved to different amazing colors and embroidered too.


Its origin in the coast of Africa was due to the visit of the Arabs on arrival to do trade with the indigenous coastal people.

I would describe it as a glamourous dress that the women wear with elegance and great honour.


When you slip into it you feel graceful and pure with utmost comfort.


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