Red and black have been considered bad omen colours in some of our cultures but think really hard how their combination has looked stunning over the years. So when I am asked to describe them, I would say red is that ruby that we all want to buy for that one true love we have and black stands for the amazing black gold. It is crude to most of us but lovely at the same time.

With all that said and done let me introduce the Kishutu to you.


So what is a Kishutu, if I may ask?

If I mention a Kente we would all think Nigeria, so that is what the Kishutu is to us, our Kente.

The Kishutu is a type of lesso/Kanga the county of Kilifi or otherwise known as 003 has chosen to be their fabric. The Fabric they proudly and elegantly wear in different designs depending on one’s style.


For this shoot I decided to play around with it, my first wear was a high collar sleeveless midi dress, that speaks elegance, modernity but also at the same time gives me a sense of origin which is my culture. If asked I would say that every woman should have such a dress, one that gives them poise and courage to walk the earth, when worn with the right accessories one could clearly say they are queens incarnate.


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