Th truth of life is that every lady dreams of being a princess or a queen and watching the Cinderella movies when were children didn’t help the matter either. The movies made us believe that all is possible but i also came to a conclusion that you dont have to be royality to be one. All you have to do is dress like one and behave like one which means carry yourself with utmost courage and elegance.


Today let me introduce you to the queen in me, i call myself the Kenyan queen. Adorned in a yellow Kishutu. In my interpretation I would describe this style as unique elegance and pure glam. When styling it, I channeled the inner queen in me that I believe every woman should always have. So I would say I personally rocked it with pride.


FYI: Every woman is a queen and how we wear our clothes and carry ourselves makes us who we are. In Africa, color is our pride and the woman is the pride and joy of her family so when she wears her colorfully dress and walks the earth swaying her figure all heads turn in respect.


To me fashion and style are a mixture of art, uniqueness and elegant style.



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