So here is the thing at times I smile even when I don’t want to just to please people but we all know that a genuine smile is worth every moment it gets.

When I was invited by one of my sisters to go take pictures of a certain bridal shower in Nyali, I carried my camera and a bag of clothes, yes a bag of clothes because here is the thing that same day it was my cousin’s birthday and I was supposed to go for the birthday.

On arrival at the bridal shower there were just a few ladies arranging the place before the rest of the ladies came. I started taking my pictures and the rest of the ladies started trickling in.


When I said that I smile at times even when I don’t want to, this was not one of the moments. Why is that? Because bridal showers will always show you genuine friendship, due to the fun part about them, most of the times they are normally surprise parties, whereby the bride to be doesn’t even know if there is a party being thrown on her behalf. Now that is the most genuine of things and who would not smile genuinely at such a gesture.

And as I took my pictures I enjoyed every moment behind that camera because when you are photographer, you are like the third eye. The person who people notice the list as they have fun apart from those moments they call you for a picture. Am not complaining because it is one of the most amazing moments, to see what others don’t see and to bring it out in an amazing way through the pictures that you take.

So my favorite bride to be who is now married so far was Eva whom I also call the west African bride, she came in dressed in amazing blue dress and African accessories, now you see why she is my favorite –  am in love with African brides. All her friends were dressed in white. When she came in and all the ladies in white screamed surprised, she was genuinely happy, hugged the rest of the ladies and the party begun.


Most of these ladies were her high school friends, now that is genuine friendship. On such occasions I realize that friends can also be the best of sisters.


I thank the ladies for giving me a genuine smile that day and each time I think about it, I smile – a happy smile.


Wishing you the best in your Marriage Eva.


And ohh, just remember I didn’t manage to get to the birthday that day because I enjoyed taking the pictures at the event to the point of completely forgetting I was to go somewhere. Sorry Cousin but I did make it up to you.



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