I was at the Nairobi Fashion Market and i couldn’t help but notice some ladies dresses elegantly in African print.

Picture 1: on the left lady dresses in a t shirt, white trouser and masai print court.

Second from the left – casual top and green trouser

Now number 3, 4, and 5 are my favorites.

Number three from the left  decided to go the African way completely by dressing in a one shoulder African print dress combined with a headscarf to complete her look.

Number four from the left  went for a full jumpsuit with African cornrows – Simple but Elegant.

Number five decided to wear an African print skater skirt, which she mixed with a white boyfriend shirt and a bow tie just made for her not forgetting her hairstyle which is currently the in style for most girls right now not only in the streets of Nairobi but all over the world, we have seen Queen B rock the box braids before when they are long but right now short is in..

Which look would you have chosen?

Pictures by VILL54 of Lesso world –





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